Woman have run 137 times and been on the presidential ballot 66 times

A while back we were working on a film titled A WOMAN PRESIDENT.

It’s about women presidents in the United States, there are thousands of them, and why there has never been a woman POTUS.

Then the pandemic arrived. With all filming shut down, we swiveled and created a podcast, by the same name. Short episodes of A Woman President podcast explore the lives of the women who have run for president and also appeared on the Presidential ballot.

During the 234 years since the first United States Presidential election, women have run for President 137 times, and 66 women were nominated by their party.

We shed light on the reasons some very bright and accomplished women never got elected.

While we continue to work on our film, take a break and listen to our podcast to find out more about the women who blazed the trail.

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