A Woman President Podcast

We are here to share stories about the women who have run for POTUS. There are more than you can imagine.

Also, remember to register to vote. Your vote makes a difference. Recognize that there has never been a “Perfect” candidate elected. Let’s not hold women to a higher standard than we hold men. Women candidates already to that to themselves.

Let’s work together to get a woman (lots of women) elected to the highest office of our country.

Episode 2 – Belva Ann Lockwood

Episode 2 – Belva Ann Lockwood

Belva had a great sense of humor, was a health enthusiast, and was the first woman lawyer to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court…which she won.

Episode 2 – Belva Ann Lockwood

Episode 0 – Trailer

How many women have run for President in the U.S?. Spoiler Alert: It's more than you think. We're going to tell you about them!